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Plant Small RNA

QUEEN’S HOLIC made every effort to explore nature, questing for all possibilities that may introduce ultimate aesthetic experience. It’s finally found that we can avail ourselves of the power of plant genetics.

The combination of small RNA extracted from plants by utilizing the Plant Small RNA technology developed by Ashland and PhytoIN, a Korean patented technology gave birth to the Luxury Love Series of GLOWING AGE, which was a journey of discovery inspired by genetics and regeneration.

Glowing Age Glowing Age

The power of genetic

Tapping into the genetic code of living organisms, RNA transcribed from DNA has a large family and plays an important role in synthesizing proteins and regulating life cycle. Plants are exposed to various abiotic stresses throughout their lives, such as drought, heat, pollution and nutrient deprivation. They respond to these external stimuli through epigenetics, which is thought to be closely related to small RNA.

  • Plant Small RNA

    There are 500,000 plant species in the world but not from each of them extracts rich in small RNA can be obtained. Identification of 3 plant species among 500,000 ones is the fruit of search and study undertaken by QUEEN’S HOLIC day after day.

  • Baobab Miracle

    The power of Africa’s “Tree of Life”
    Baobab trees which can live for more than 5,000 years in extreme conditions are acclaimed as Africa’s “Tree of Life”, a supreme praise for their “eternal life”. Now we inject such resilient life force into skin and crack the skin-oriented genetic code of “the force of life”.
    Baobab fruit seed extracts, abundant with plant small RNA, are associated with improving the epigenetic homeostasis in aging skin, making them the first natural extracts to which the Small RNA technology was applied.

  • Rose Miracl

    The Legend of French Rose’s Eternal Beauty
    “The Flower of Eternity” is the most beautiful hymn sung by Provence to the “enduring beauty” of the Rosa centifolia, commonly known as the 1000-petaled rose, which retains its original color despite the atrocious wind and rain until it withers. We inject “vitality” into skin by harnessing and condensing the power of a thousands petals.
    Extracts from French roses which contain plant small RNA are useful in stimulating the regeneration of 3 anti-aging proteins and reducing melanin, which is the key to skin “freshness”.

  • Lavender Miracle

    The “Blue Gold” of Provence
    “Blue Gold” is the utmost praise given by Provence to lavender’s “tenderness and soothingness”. It transforms sunlight in hot summer into healing power. We collect every drop of gentleness in a profusion of purple flowers in order to render your skin glowing with rejuvenation from “the force of skin care and repair”.
    An unusual growing environment endows lavender with an extraordinary ability to resist the scorching sun, allowing it to produce exceptional small RNAs and plant molecules with nighttime sedative effect.

Cooperation in Innovation

QUEEN’S HOLIC works hand in hand with Ashland to present the Luxury Love Series of GLOWING AGE

*Ashland (ASH) is a global premier company engaging in diversified specialty materials, serving more than 100 global clients such as Estée Lauder, Dior, LA MER, and PROYA to provide them with high-quality services of research & development and production of cosmetic raw materials.

Plant Small RNA technology, a world-class patented extraction technology

In combination with various extracts from plants such as TREMELLA FUCIFORMIS, CNIDIUM OFFICINALE and PHELLODENDRON AMURENSEPhellodendron Bark (Huang Bo) which are the specialized research areas predominated by Korea.
The Luxury Love Series of GLOWING AGE escorts us onto a remarkable journey of youthfulness restoration by virtue of the most fundamental force of natural inheritance.