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Plant Small RNA

eries of GLOWING AGE, which was a journey of discovery inspired by genetics and regeneration.

Glowing Age Glowing Age Glowing Age Glowing Age Glowing Age

Small RNA
Identification of 3 plant species among 500,000 ones is the fruit of search and study undertaken by QUEEN’S HOLIC day after day.
The power of Africa’s “Tree of Life”
crack the skin-oriented genetic code of “the force of life”.
The Legend of French Rose’s Eternal Beauty
We inject “vitality” into skin by harnessing and condensing the power of a thousands petals.
The “Blue Gold” of Provence
to render your skin glowing with rejuvenation from “the force of skin care and repair”.

Our Story

With the belief in the power of nature, we explore and harness the infinite possibilities to create the best beauty care experience. Our relentless pursuit of excellence drives us to every possibility and draw inspirations.