Country of Origin
Go beyond surface-level anti-aging for the skin around your eyes.

Key Feature

1. Uses Salmon PDRN extract to promote cell and tissue regeneration around the eyes.

2. Utilizes Nano Gold technology to deliver nourishment deeper into the skin

3. Hybrid double-layer microcrystals penetrate deep into the dermis, effectively addressing skin issues around your eyes with just 360μm.

* Nano Gold

How to Use

1.Before sleep,cleanse your face and remove water.

2.Open a pouch and a plastic tray carefully.

3.Be careful not to touch the center area with fingers and remove white protective films.

4.Attach the patches on the area you want and press vertically with fingers for about 1 minute.

5.Peel softly in the next morning.(or after 2 hours minimum)

Commodity information announcement

net weight
68g/ box (4 bags)
expiration date
24 months
Water,Hydrolyzed Collagen,Sodium Hyaluronate,1,2-Hexanediol,Sodium DNA,Madecassoside,Adenosine,Gold